[JSR308] JSR308 Checkers Framework

Mahmood Ali mahmood at MIT.EDU
Sun Sep 14 00:28:48 EDT 2008

Greetings Phokham,

Thanks for notifying us about your work with the framework.  We  
appreciate your input about the framework and how we can improve it to  
suite your needs.

> Developing only on the Windows plattform I struggled about some
> hardcoded linux path issues in the framework. I would happily  
> compile a
> patch for you if you like.
Thanks.  That would be appreciated it.

> I had also a problem creating a simple checker using only  
> qualifiers. It
> took me some time to figure out that a simple checker should have the
> method isValidUse overridden like this: [...]

We do need to document isValidUse more and clarify its use.  However,  
can you clarify your need to override isValidUse so it would return  
true all the time?

I believe that the default implementation is applicable to most cases,  
only IGJ overrides legitimately in our checkers.  Furthermore, the  
default implementation revealed some bugs in the Interning checker in  
the past.

I do not know much about ownership, but I can imagine having some  
invalid types: private inner classes can only be owned by enclosing  
class and not universe, so a use of '@OwnedBy(UNIVERSE) InnerClass' is  
not a valid use.  I am not quite sure if this makes sense in Universal  
Type System.


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