[JSR308] Release 0.7.8 of JSR 308 proposal, javac, Checker Framework, and checkers

Mahmood Ali mahmood at MIT.EDU
Sun Sep 14 00:59:27 EDT 2008

We have released version 0.7.8 of the JSR 308 specification and  
implementation and of the Checker Framework.  You can always review  
the latest version of the specification at: http://groups.csail.mit.edu/pag/jsr308/specification/java-annotation-design.html 
  ; and download the latest version of these tools at: http://groups.csail.mit.edu/pag/jsr308/ 

The JSR 308
The JSR 308 implementation is a backward-compatible extension to  
javac. The Checker Framework makes it easy to write a tool that finds  
or prevents errors; the tool is expressed as a type-checker for a  
pluggable type system.  The Checker Framework distribution includes  
sample checkers.

This release includes:
  - documentation improvements,
  - better support for anonymous classes,
  - framework API refactorings, and
  - many minor bug fixes.

The changlogs of the specification and the implementations appear below.

      - Mahmood

------------------ Changelog for JSR 308 specification   
Changes to non-normative section:
   Slightly expand discussion of array syntax.
   Add examples of arrays with differing nullness annotations on  
different levels.
   Add a FAQ to the website that cross-references into the  
   Move discussion of JSR process into the specification document, to  
remove clutter from the webpage.

------------------ Changelog for JSR 308 implementation  
Version 0.7.8, 12 Sep 2008

Bug fixes
   Better support for annotations on anonymous classes

Base build
   Updated to OpenJDK langtools build b35

--------------------- Changelog for Checker Framework  
Version 0.7.8, 12 Sep 2009

   Improved support for anonymous classes
   Included refactorings to ease extensibility
   Fixed some minor bugs

   Fix some errors in annotated JDK

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