[JSR308] updates to the Java Language Specification and other things to do

Brian Goetz brian at quiotix.com
Fri May 18 15:13:36 EDT 2007

>  I heard some comments that JSR-308 isn't ready to be considered for 
> inclusion into the Java 7 at its current state and that there are things 
> that it won't be ready in time to be included into Java 7. So, I think 
> it should be a good idea to collect todo items that will be required in 
> order this JSR to be considered for inclusion into Java 7.

Collecting the status in one place is good, and making progress sooner 
rather than later is good, but I think the timing of Java 7 should not 
figure too highly in the deliberation.  I would much rather see a good 
solution in the Java 8 time frame than one rushed for Java 7.  Given the 
extremely high compatibility bar, any mistakes made by language-oriented 
JSRs may well damage the language forever, possibly irreparably.  As 
responsible stewards, we should err on the side of taking too long 
rather than rushing ill-thought-out changes to the language.

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