[Checkers] Status Update: Conditional Expressions and TypeVariables

Mahmood Ali mahmood at MIT.EDU
Fri Mar 14 01:27:41 EDT 2008

Hi Matt,

> Remind me to talk to you about this tomorrow -- while fixing some  
> NonNull bugs today, I implemented some of this functionality for  
> both class and method type variables (e.g., the checker yells at you  
> if you have "<T extends @NonNull Object> max(Integer n1, Integer  
> n2)"). I'm going to check in what I have either later tonight or  
> first thing tomorrow morning; we can talk about what else needs to  
> be done.
That's cool.  We can talk about it tomorrow.  We should defenitly try  
to add that to the framework.  I assume that we might modify it a bit  
to make it more generic to IGJ and Javari.  I assume we can reuse  
unify() also here.  I am planning to be in the office for awhile  

> (Also, thanks for the heads up on what you plan on working on next!)
I am glad myself to have sent the email, since you have already worked  
on this.  Better communication is always good =).

Also, IGJs test now all pass without any commented out test.  I am  
planning to add more tests for IGJ checker mainly and the framework.

- Mahmood

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