[Checkers] Class supertypes and interfaces

Mahmood Ali mahmood at MIT.EDU
Fri Mar 7 09:59:13 EST 2008

> Yes, the patch breaks up getAnnotatedType() into five methods for  
> internal use. They have some javadoc, but there isn't anything for  
> them in the manual yet. We should talk about them at some point  
> today, and maybe dig a little deeper Tuesday's hacking meeting.

I assume that you are talking about  
factory.from{Expression,Member,Class,TypeTree,Element}. I think that  
they still have the same problem as they all call  
fromTreeWithVisitor() which calls annotateImplicit() which goes ahead  
and adds implicit/default annotations. This leads to the same problem  
as before (e.g. having @Mutable when calling fromTypeTree on the  
extends clause).

I propose that we annotateImplicit() be called from getAnnotatedType()  
only and maybe directSupertypes() but nothing else.

- Mahmood

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