[Checkers] Class supertypes and interfaces

Matt Papi mpapi at csail.mit.edu
Fri Mar 7 08:07:11 EST 2008


> In the last few hours, I have been working on a more proper  
> implementation of factory.directSupertypes().  Currently it takes the  
> annotations on class tree extends and implement clauses into  
> consideration.


> Unfortunately, it fails when we have the TypeElement only, in cases we  
> read classes from bytecode. I cannot seem to find the annotations on  
> the element.

The annotations are there, but AnnotatedTypeFactory won't give them to 
you (yet). Mike had asked me to make this a lower priority in favor of 
getting everything done in source first (so that we can get case studies 
done sooner, etc.), so don't worry about this case for now.

> I think that we need to seperate the public interface of  
> AnnotatedTypeFactory from its internal usage. I think that Matt has  
> done much progress in this aspect in the new patch, but I haven't  
> reviewed thoroughly, so maybe there is a better method to call other  
> than getAnnotatedType().

Yes, the patch breaks up getAnnotatedType() into five methods for 
internal use. They have some javadoc, but there isn't anything for them 
in the manual yet. We should talk about them at some point today, and 
maybe dig a little deeper Tuesday's hacking meeting.

- Matt

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