[Checkers] Checker Sizes

Michael Ernst mernst at csail.mit.edu
Wed Jun 11 03:51:01 EDT 2008


> I just updated the paper with sizes of the checkers.  I used the  
> current size as of my last check-in.


> I didn't move the implicitFor and flow capabilities to the framework.   
> I couldn't find a tasteful way of doing so (other than having a  
> customization class like what I described in our meeting).


> For the  
> purposes of numbers, the boilerplate of having creation methods (I  
> believe) is more than our savings from not overriding annotateImplicit.

Do you mean constructors, or something else?

> Also, 84 of the lines of the checkers are simply lines of '@Override'.

This is 5% of the lines.

Did you count import statements, or not?  If not, how many of the lines are
import statements?  (The Nullness checker alone has 31 of them.)

> P.S. I removed the bit about our framework supporting fields and not  
> JavaCOP.  You may want to paraphrase it better. 

OK, thanks.


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