[Checkers] Checker Sizes

Mahmood Ali mahmood at MIT.EDU
Wed Jun 11 07:48:45 EDT 2008

>> For the purposes of numbers, the boilerplate of having creation  
>> methods (I
>> believe) is more than our savings from not overriding  
>> annotateImplicit.
> Do you mean constructors, or something else?
I meant methods like: createTreePreAnnotator, createTypePostAnnotator,  
etc.   I should say that I am speculating here.

Basic Checker will the benefit the most though, as the entire factory  
will disappear.

>> Also, 84 of the lines of the checkers are simply lines of  
>> '@Override'.
> This is 5% of the lines.
> Did you count import statements, or not?  If not, how many of the  
> lines are
> import statements?  (The Nullness checker alone has 31 of them.)
Yes, I counted them in.  For my calculations, I simply used c_count  
command.  I didn't count the size of the annotation files though.

Another interesting number is that 221 lines of all the checkers are  
simply a sole close bracket '}' (grep -re '^ *}$' $files).  I believe  
that c_count treat these lines as code lines too.

- Mahmood

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