[Checkers] Checker Sizes

Mahmood Ali mahmood at MIT.EDU
Wed Jun 11 00:44:45 EDT 2008

Hi Mike,

I just updated the paper with sizes of the checkers.  I used the  
current size as of my last check-in.

I didn't move the implicitFor and flow capabilities to the framework.   
I couldn't find a tasteful way of doing so (other than having a  
customization class like what I described in our meeting).  For the  
purposes of numbers, the boilerplate of having creation methods (I  
believe) is more than our savings from not overriding annotateImplicit.

Also, 84 of the lines of the checkers are simply lines of '@Override'.

- Mahmood

P.S. I removed the bit about our framework supporting fields and not  
JavaCOP.  You may want to paraphrase it better. 

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