[Checkers] Release today

Mahmood Ali mahmood at MIT.EDU
Tue Jun 10 01:53:20 EDT 2008

Hi Mike,

>> the TODO list, namely: making 'ant all-tests' for binary release
>> without configuration, including javadocs, and recognizing -
>> Xspacesincomments.
> Go ahead and delete from the TODO.txt file all the items that you have
> already addressed.

Err.. I wanted to point a couple of things (I didn't check in my  
1. I renamed -Aspacesincomments to -Xspacesincomments.  -AFOO  
indicates options for processors, while -XFOO are non-standard options  
to the compiler.

2. the fix for the binary release is to make the compiler.lib equals to:
compiler.lib = ../langtools/dist/lib/javac.jar:../langtools/binary/ 

I don't think this is the nicest approach.  However, once passed as a  
classpath, it works, as it relies on the compiled from source copy  
first, if none exists it uses the binary distributation.  This way, it  
works even one decides to modify langtools source and compile it  
himself while binary exists.

3. the javadocs are being versioned now.  While it is not necessary, I  
thought that it was easier to make it so in the release script.   
Furthermore, this way, it seperates the docs of the stable releases  
from unstable releases.  Since it doesn't impact the user too much, I  
didn't spend time on it.  We don't publish the archives anyway.

> That will help us to keep on top of what remains to be
> done.
By the way, are the TODO items organized in any particular order?  Or  
how can I prioritize them?

- Mahmood

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