[Checkers] Release today

Michael Ernst mernst at csail.mit.edu
Tue Jun 10 00:43:35 EDT 2008


> I have made a release today that addresses the top critical issues in  
> the TODO list, namely: making 'ant all-tests' for binary release  
> without configuration, including javadocs, and recognizing - 
> Xspacesincomments.


Go ahead and delete from the TODO.txt file all the items that you have
already addressed.  That will help us to keep on top of what remains to be

> While making the release, I realized that the java docs are not  
> formatted well (needs <p> or <br /> here and there), with some broken  
> fragment links to the manual.html.
> I decided to work on addressing code review comments and rewrites.  I  
> will come back to those before the following release.

This is exactly the right approach.  At least the documentation is on the
website, and we can start linking to it from the manual in the future.
Then, we can incrementally improve both.



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