[Checkers] Release today

Michael Ernst mernst at csail.mit.edu
Tue Jun 10 04:25:43 EDT 2008


> 1. I renamed -Aspacesincomments to -Xspacesincomments.  -AFOO  
> indicates options for processors, while -XFOO are non-standard options  
> to the compiler.

Great, thanks.

> 2. the fix for the binary release is to make the compiler.lib equals to:
> compiler.lib = ../langtools/dist/lib/javac.jar:../langtools/binary/ 
> javac.jar

OK, this seems to work for me.

> 3. the javadocs are being versioned now.

At first I thought you meant in the repository.  But now I realize you mean
in the website.  It seems a bit wasteful of disk space and unnecessary, but
I agree that it's not high-priority either way.

Thanks again for making the fixes to the release!


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