[JSR308] Type annotations syntax support in OpenJDK javac

Michael Ernst mernst at cs.washington.edu
Tue Jun 30 11:00:04 EDT 2009


> Are some checkers included or not ?

No, you need to download checkers separately (see

The Java language does not constrain or suggest how type annotations
can be used.  Pluggable type-checking is only one such use, and the Checker
Framework is only one way to build pluggable type-checkers.

Once Java has a modularity mechanism (hopefully in Java 7), then one can
imagine Sun breaking the JDK into pieces.  Users would download a selection
of modules that is appropriate for them.  Maybe at that time, Sun will host
the Checker Framework as a useful external tool (not as a standardized and
official part of Java), to make it convenient for users to find and


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