[JSR308] langtools and Eclipse

Niko Matsakis niko at alum.mit.edu
Sat Feb 28 16:20:10 EST 2009

Has anyone had any success working with langtools in Eclipse?  I am  
not sure what I am doing wrong, but I find that Eclipse features such  
as Find References do not detect references that occur within the  
langtools code.  Furthermore, I had to add javac.jar to my "checkers"  
project in order for code completion and import organizers to  
recognize langtools classes like Tree, even though I had previously  
added a reference to the langtools project.  All of these things seem  
to work fine in NetBeans, but I'm more familiar with Eclipse, and I  
was hoping someone might have a clue what is causing me trouble.

Niko Matsakis

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