[JSR308] An implementation of Subtyping for Annotations

Michael Ernst mernst at cs.washington.edu
Thu Aug 6 12:40:24 EDT 2009


> Please find access information for obtaining an extension of the JSR 302
> Javac which supports Annotation subtyping below.

Thanks for doing this.  The only way to get new features in (like this one
that the list has been discussing for many years) is for someone to take
the lead with an implementation.

Can you make a patch to either the JSR 308 compiler or to the OpenJDK
compiler (the patch would be the same either way), rather than to the JSR
302 compiler?  That would be more useful to people on this mailing list.

> P.S. This is a resubmission, since the original included the code as an
> attachment and was therefor too large.

I'm not sure what gave you this impression, butler It looks like your
original message went through:



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