[JSR308] Release 0.8.2 of JSR 308 specification, javac, Checker Framework, and checkers

Mahmood Ali mahmood at MIT.EDU
Fri Nov 14 18:56:49 EST 2008

We have released version 0.8.2 of the JSR 308 specification and
implementation and of the Checker Framework.  You can always review
the latest version of the specification at: http://groups.csail.mit.edu/pag/jsr308/specification/java-annotation-design.html
; and download the latest version of these tools at:http://groups.csail.mit.edu/pag/jsr308/

The JSR 308 implementation is a backward-compatible extension to
javac. The Checker Framework makes it easy to write a tool that finds
or prevents errors; the tool is expressed as a type-checker for a
pluggable type system.  The Checker Framework distribution includes
sample checkers.

This release includes support for type annotations on type parameters,  
improved error messages, fixes for bugs related to parsing type  
annotations, and improved support for Map.get().

We also continued to improve the installation instructions.  We  
appreciate your comments and feedback.

The changlogs of the specification and the implementations appear below.

    - Mahmood

---- Changelog for JSR 308 implementation ----
Version 0.8.2, 14 Nov 2008

   Added support for annotations on type parameters

Bug fixes
   Fixed bug related to parsing type annotation member values
   Fixed bug related to parsing commented-annotations with spaces

Base build
   Updated to OpenJDK langtools build b39

---- Changelog for Checker Framework ----
Version 0.8.2, 14 Nov 2008

   Included a binary distribution in the releases
   Added support for annotations on type parameters
   Fixed bugs related to casts

   Improved error messages readability
   Added partial support for Map.get() detection

   Improved installation instructions

---- Changelog for JSR 308 specification  ----
Changes to normative section:
   Allow annotations on type parameters.
   Clarify target_type for locations where Java 5 already allowed  
annotations: method return type, method parameter, field.

Changes to non-normative section:
   There is no commitment as to whether Sun's javac will parse  
annotations in comments.

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