[JSR308] AnnotatedTypeFactory request

Artemus Harper subanark at gmail.com
Wed May 21 14:20:46 EDT 2008

Would it be possible to have AnnotatedTypeFactory typed with the checker
type? Currently I am storing some 'global' values in the checker when it
gets created similar to what javari does, and it would be nice to not need
to cast the checker to my checker every time I want to use it (or need to
keep my own local copy of it).

I.e. change
public class AnnotatedTypeFactory
protected final SourceChecker checker;


public class AnnotatedTypeFactory<Checker extends SourceChecker>
protected final Checker checker;

The same would be nice for the BaseTypeChecker, but that involves adding a
type parameter which would break existing code.
Artemus Harper
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