[JSR308] Block Annotations Suggestion

Igor Peshansky igorp at us.ibm.com
Wed Oct 3 15:55:48 EDT 2007

"Eduardo Born" <nosachamos at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi All!
> My name is Eduardo Born, I'm new to the list, and I'm VERY interested 
> on discussing the future of Java Annotations.
> I have been working very close and deep with Java reflection and 
> annotations, and there are some things I miss in the current Java 
> Annotations implementation that are being currently proposed, and some
> that are not, so I joined the list to make suggestion and help on the 
> current proposal discussions whenever possible. 
> My first suggestion is to have a block annotation syntax, so a single 
> annotation can be applied to a group of elements. For example, let's 
> suppose we have a marker annotation that informs that a given field is
> to be remotely accessible through a given framework, for example 
> @RemotelyAccessible. 
> Currently, to make several fields marked as remotely accessible, we 
> would have to do the following:
> ...
> @RemotelyAcessible
> private String field1;
> @RemotelyAcessible 
> private String field2;
> @RemotelyAcessible
> private String field3;
> ...
> and so on.
> Why not have a syntax like the following:
> @RemotelyAccessible { 
>      private String field1;
>      private String field2;
>      private String field3;
> }
> So the given annotation is replicated to all declarations/elements 
> inside the block.
> As a senior Java developer, I frequently write my own annotations, and
> that syntax would make my life easier. I hope that helps more folks too. 

> What do you think?
> Cheers!
> Eduardo Born

Hi, Eduardo,

There is a potential problem with your proposal.  Will the block be part 
of the annotation, or will it be a regular compound statement in Java?
If the latter, the Java compiler will treat your block as a non-static 
initializer that declares some variables (similarly, if inside the method, 
the block will define its own scope, so the variables will not be visible 
If the former, this is a digression from the current Java annotation 
syntax, and probably belongs on the jsr308-statements list, which deals 
with annotations on statements.
In either case, how deep does your proposed annotation apply?  Suppose 
there is a block nested within the braces...  Will the annotation apply to 
the statements inside that block?

I've Cc'd this to the jsr308-statements list.  Perhaps it would be best if 
this discussion were continued there.
Igor Peshansky  (note the spelling change!)
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