[JSR308] JSR 308 Early Draft Review (EDR)

Michael Ernst mernst at csail.mit.edu
Fri Nov 9 19:34:34 EST 2007

After many iterations on the proposal document and on the implementation,
the JCP has released JSR 308 (Annotations on Java Types) for Early Draft
Review (EDR).  Thanks to everyone for their help in getting JSR 308 to this

EDR gives an opportunity for feedback on JSR 308 from a broader community,
and JSR 308 will continue to evolve in response to that feedback.

The alias for comments is jsr308-edr at lists.csail.mit.edu.  I created a new
mailing list for the comments because I don't know whether there will be a
flood of them, and because I don't want people to unsubscribe from this
list (jsr308 at lists.csail.mit.edu) in order to avoid those messages.  You
can subscribe to the jsr308-edr at lists.csail.mit.edu mailing list if you
like (https://lists.csail.mit.edu/mailman/listinfo/jsr308-edr), but I will
also post summaries to this list.  And, the archives of the EDR review list
are publicly available (https://lists.csail.mit.edu/pipermail/jsr308-edr/).


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