[JSR308] updates to the Java Language Specification and other things to do

Eugene Kuleshov eu at javatx.org
Thu May 17 19:31:19 EDT 2007

  I heard some comments that JSR-308 isn't ready to be considered for 
inclusion into the Java 7 at its current state and that there are things 
that it won't be ready in time to be included into Java 7. So, I think 
it should be a good idea to collect todo items that will be required in 
order this JSR to be considered for inclusion into Java 7.

  Leaving aside the obvious general agreement on the language syntax and 
all other technical details (including bytecode generation and maybe 
annotations on statements) what are the other things we need to complete?

  I've looked at the published JSR175 document and it is fairly short. 
For the most part it just refer to the sections changes in the JLS. So, 
we will need to identify JLS sections that will need to be changed for 
JSR308. Here is the old list: 7.4.1  8.1.1  8.3.1  8.4.1  8.4.3  8.5.1  
8.8.3  8.9  9.1  9.3  9.4  9.6  9.7  13.5.7  14.4.1  15.1  18


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