[JSR308] Postfix syntax (again)

Michael Ernst mernst at csail.mit.edu
Mon Jul 16 22:01:18 EDT 2007


> The most important thing at this stage is a syntactic design that can result
> in a simple and unambiguous grammar. I've contributed such a design (May 18,
> 2:02pm) along with its grammar. I don't think an unambiguous grammar for the
> current language design strategy is possible, and I don't see how my
> contribution has been used to make progress.

No one is ignoring your comments about postfix syntax.  Your suggestion
appears at
where I put it in May or June.

We'll get to everything eventually.  In the meanwhile, anyone can help with
whatever issue they consider most important.  Thanks to all the people on
this mailing list who have already done so!  It's been a big help.

You can read the changelogs (linked from the respective documentation), or
see the URL above, to learn what progress has been made on a specific
issue, so there is no need to repeatedly offer the same comment.


PS: Sorry for the delay in answering your email; I've been traveling and
have fallen behind on email.

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