[JSR308] JSR 308 documents and tools released

Michael Ernst mernst at csail.mit.edu
Sat Jul 7 10:54:24 EDT 2007

Tom and Brian-

First, let me reiterate that I find Neal's comments extremely valuable.  I
have repeatedly stated this -- for instance, in private email, both to Neal
(as he can testify) and to others.  I am sorry if I have seemed to "brush
off" Neal's comments or not take them seriously; that is a mistaken
impression, which I regret.  I'm sorry about that.

Addressing the concerns raised by Neal (and others) is important.  However,
there are many tasks, and (as I have explained before) we can't do
everything at once.  That is the key point of my comment.

I concede that your impatience is perfectly justified, based on the
apparent rate of progress.  I wish that I had more (volunteer) time to
spend on this!  This is one reason that I am asking others for help where
they are able and willing.

> an implementation that isn't maintainable shouldn't be part 
> of the JSR's overall deliverables.

An unmaintainable implementation isn't part of the JSR's deliverables, and
never was.  But thanks for raising the comment so that I can clarify that
point.  Even though the current prototype won't be the final delivered
implementation, it has value in other ways, and it's also good to hear
suggestions for improving it.


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