[JSR308] Annotations for worst-case execution time

Igor Peshansky igorp at us.ibm.com
Wed Jan 31 12:36:05 EST 2007

Michael Ernst wrote on 01/30/2007 07:44:08 PM:

> Trevor-
> Annotations on loops and other statements are within the scope of JSR 
> as noted by the current version of the proposal.  However, no one has 
> put forward a specific technical proposal for the syntax of 
> annotations (in Java and in the class file).  Once someone does so, then 
> can evaluate that proposal and accept, improve, or reject it.
> I know that several other people, including Wayne Carr and Eugene 
> (who responded separately to your message), are also interested in this
> topic.  Perhaps you could join forces in preparing a proposal or at 
> preparing a statement that broaches the issues to the mailing list.

Hi, everyone,

While I can't yet contribute to the set of new ideas, there was a detailed
proposal for the syntax and bytecode representation for various types of
annotations mentioned above in my Ph.D. thesis (Section 6.3, pp. 84-95):
<http://cs.nyu.edu/pechtcha/pubs/thesis.html>.  This is quite dated, and
was implemented on top of Jikes rather than Javac, but can serve as a
basis for future discussion.
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