[JSR308] Concurrency annotations on blocks

Eugene Kuleshov eu at javatx.org
Sat Feb 3 00:16:05 EST 2007


  I can't speak for Intel, but from my practice, one example also not 
mentioned in Java Concurrency in Practice is properties of the locking. 
For instance read or write lock, optimistic vs. eager locking. It is too 
coarse grained to express those on the method level only.


Tom Ball wrote:
> Intel's comment with their vote intrigued me:  that annotations on 
> blocks and loops might be useful for specifying atomicity/concurrency 
> assertions.  I believe most Java programmers don't have a full grasp 
> of concurrency issues, and am interested in any thoughts this group 
> might have regarding concurrency assertion ideas and what their 
> annotations might look like.  We can start with the ones in Java 
> Concurrency in Practice, since I doubt anyone would argue as to their 
> importance.
> Perhaps the best way past our logjam (uh oh, I may get spanked again 
> ;-) is to come up with a conceptual set of cool assertion checkers 
> whose annotations can't be placed (or can't be placed optimally), and 
> then figure out how to remove those obstacles.  For me, the reward 
> from working on JSRs isn't have fat specs published (and I doubt it is 
> for anyone else), but their enabling of better technologies.  Having a 
> new set of assertion checkers waiting to be written once this JSR is 
> done is a strong motivator and focuser for me.
> Tom

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