[JSR308] Can we agree on our goals?

Eugene Kuleshov eu at javatx.org
Fri Feb 2 22:23:55 EST 2007

Trevor Harmon wrote:
> I thought putting blocks around loops to annotate them was not being 
> forced, it was just one suggestion of how it might be implemented. For 
> instance, is it not possible to modify javac to allow annotations 
> directly on loops?
> @LoopMax(10)
> while (i < j)
> {
>  ...
> }
> That doesn't seem awkward at all.
  That is semantically the same that what I've suggested in my email 
about code blocks and statement. Though no one commented directly on it.

  The only difference was that I've used postfix variant of the syntax 
in the examples and had a comment about other variants after that.

  Anyways, we should continue this discussion in the jsr308-statements 
mailing list. I resent updated version of my email to that mailing list. 
All interested in this topic should subscribe at 


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