[JSR308] Replace JAIF format with XML for external annotations

Michael Ernst mernst at csail.mit.edu
Wed Aug 22 16:34:59 EDT 2007


> 1. No source code for the annotation file parser

Oops!  I thought this had been corrected.  We'll fix them in the next
release (which won't be until early September for this tool, probably).  I
can send you source code in the meanwhile; just ask by private email.

> 2. No API docs for the annotation file parser

It's in the source, which we can provide you.

> 3. The implementation does not specify a license

We can add one (don't worry -- we want wide use).

> 4. The grammar in the annotation file spec is inconsistent
>   and incompletely specified
>    [I've emailed a couple of my concerns to the javari mailing list]

The things you pointed out have already been corrected.  (Thanks for the

> 5. The annotation file spec refers back to the JLS in a couple
>   places, for example, constant values.

This seemed briefer and easier than defining them ourselves.

Overall, the syntax of this particular tool doesn't seem like a big deal
either way to me.  As I have noted, I would be happy to see it support
other formats.


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