[Checkers] Need a constant value method

Artemus Harper subanark at gmail.com
Fri Oct 17 01:55:39 EDT 2008

Any chance of adding a method to get the constant value for an expression.

public static Object getConstantValue(Tree tree)
     return ((JCTree)tree).type.constValue();

This uses the internal API, so it would be better that such a method be in
InternalUtils. If there is a better way to do this I would like to know.

Currently I'm using this to determine the size of an array:

Object @Size("10") [] array = new Object[5*2];
which would allow me to determine the size even if the size is calculated or
from a constant variable.
public int max(int @Size("!0,*?")[] array) { ... }
Which is a method that takes a non-0 size array. Such method could be called
if the array was annotated to be non-0, or its length was tested to be

Artemus Harper
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