[Checkers] Progress Report

Mahmood Ali mahmood at MIT.EDU
Wed Nov 12 23:55:41 EST 2008


I forgot to add this to my progress report.

__ Actual Progress __
Review the compiler code and see how we can improve the checker  
framework.  Also, I revisited some of the JLS specifications.

I found some JLS issues quite annoying to understand.  They require a  
bit more scrutiny.  In particular, method invocation and type  
inference seems to be different that I thought originally and to  
differ in assignment context than method invocation context.  Consider  
the following:

class Test {
   void checkStringList(List<String> l) { }

   void mytests() {
     List<String> l = Collections.emptyList();  // valid
     checkStringList(l);      // valid
     checkStringList(Collections.emptyList());  // invalid


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