[Checkers] Debugging An Annotation Processor

Michael Ernst mernst at csail.mit.edu
Wed Nov 12 04:50:04 EST 2008


I'm copying the checkers at lists.csail.mit.edu mailing list, which may be
able to provide some suggestions.


> From: Daniel Wand <daniel.wand at gmail.com>
> To: Michael Ernst <mernst at mpi-sws.mpg.de>, Sebastian Hack <hack at cs.uni-sb.de>
> Subject: Debugging An Annotation Processor
> Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2008 10:05:12 +0100
> Hi,
> I am currently facing a strange bug. After analysing a while loop and
> returning the new Analysis (from visitWhileLoop) it mysteriously
> disapears and is replaced with an earlier analysis. I checked the
> reduction which seems not to be the problem (The reduction seems to be
> applied if there are an old and a new analysis, but the default
> implementation is just to return the new analysis). As far as I know it
> somehow gets lost while iterating all the Statements in the Block.
> Basically between the while loop and the next statement. (But as far as
> I understand the code there is nothing happening there)
> Is there a way to debug my annotation processor? I looked and found
> JSR199 (http://jcp.org/en/jsr/detail?id=199,
> http://www.javalobby.org/java/forums/t44534.html) which seems to enable
> the debugging of the javac. But I did not find out how to use it with an
> annotation processor.
> Is there any way to debug it?
> greetings,
> Daniel

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