[Checkers] Paper status

Matt Papi mpapi at csail.mit.edu
Sun May 4 01:48:19 EDT 2008

> >  Matt, what is your status on section 3?  It doesn't look like it is ready
>  >  for me to read yet, as there are still to-dos about reorganization.
>  I've made more progress on it and I'm working on it now. Within an
>  hour or two it should be ready for you to read.

Mike: the parts of the 3 I've been working on (all except 3.5.1 and
3.6?) should be ready for you to read.

Note that I haven't figured out what to do about the points in the
temporary section 3.3 -- I'm not sure if they still apply (can whoever
added them take a look?).

Also, a todo under the flow section suggests describing the
implementation a little a la the JavaCOP paper. I can certainly do
this, but I can't seem to find this paper, at least via Google
(JavaCOP has more than one web site?).

I'm going to bed now, since I'm still sick and not really getting any
better, and it had a negative effect on my productivity today). I'm
out of commission mid-morning tomorrow, but the rest of the day is set
aside for the paper (and I'll probably be working mostly from the lab
in case others want to join me).

- Matt

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