[Checkers] Paper status

Michael Ernst mernst at csail.mit.edu
Sun May 4 00:38:33 EDT 2008

Could everyone give me an update of their current status?

Telmo, how is the case study going?  When will you have a bit more time to
work on it?

Matt, what is your status on section 3?  It doesn't look like it is ready
for me to read yet, as there are still to-dos about reorganization.
What is your status on case studies?

Mahmood, thanks for updating some numbers in the paper.  Are you stalled
waiting for things to do (in which case I guess you can get started on your
other work, possibly gaining some time closer to our deadline)?  If not,
what is your current task?

I would still like every number that is out of date in the paper to be
marked as such, so that we better understand our status.  Could someone do

I plan to print the paper again by about 7am Boston time.


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