[Checkers] Demo of checkers on April 14

Matt Papi mpapi at csail.mit.edu
Mon Mar 24 17:54:56 EDT 2008

> It would be nice if the demos used a GUI such as Eclipse.

For the OOPSLA demo, I spent several hours getting things set up in 
Eclipse only to discover that many important Eclipse configurations -- 
bookmarks for jumping to a particular line of a file, run 
configurations, window layout, etc. -- seem to be stored in binary files 
in the workspace directory. Despite a couple of late nights, I was 
unable to figure out how to move these settings across machines (tarring 
the workspace and untarring it on the demo machine didn't work; File -> 
Export doesn't have pertinent options), so I had to redo all (the hours) 
of the Eclipse configuration the demo machine.

For the JUG demo, I simply used GVim's ":mksession" to snapshot the 
editor's state for each part of the demo and had the whole thing working 
smoothly and portably (though maybe not as prettily) in about 15 
minutes. I'm sure a similar technique could be used for Emacs.

Does anyone know how to move Eclipse workspace configurations across 
machines, or if it's even possible? If it's not, I can deliver Ant 
scripts for running the checker, but the process of setting up Eclipse 
may need to be done directly on the demo machine.

- Matt

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