[Checkers] JSR 308 Plug-in

Michael Ernst mernst at csail.mit.edu
Tue Mar 18 15:05:20 EDT 2008


Mahmood>  Has Adam developed a
Mahmood>  JSR308-conforming parser for the eclipsec?  What does it support?

Adam> no, I developed a plugin that calls out to JSR308 compiler, parses the
Adam> output and fills the eclipse problems view with the error marks.
Adam> Because eclipse cannot swallow the JSR308 annotations yet, it works
Adam> best if you use the comment-style annotations.

If you want to try Adam's tool and give him feedback, that would be great.
I'm leaving town on Friday and it's not certain whether I will be able to
try it myself, as I'm very far behind on many tasks right now.  I know that
a user here is very eager to use Adam's plugin, but I don't want to ask him
to try it until someone in our group has.


PS:  Igor Peshansky of IBM is working on a JSR308-conforming parser for
eclipsec (and Adam's work is egging it on!).  Until then, as Adam noted,
Eclipse will work best with the comment-style annotations.

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