[Checkers] [Pag] Progress Report

Michael Ernst mernst at csail.mit.edu
Thu Mar 13 06:11:33 EDT 2008


It sounds like you made great progress this week; thanks for all those
fixes!  It's especially nice that you have put these things in the base
checker in such a clean way, which simplifies the individual checkers and
also provides benefits to all of them at once.  As I understand it, the
performance fixes also apply to all checkers.

> I haven't fully refactor IGJAnnotatedTypeFactory completely, but it is
> passing all the tests so far.

I'm curious what additional refactoring is still necessary.

> I tested the IGJChecker upon the old IGJ case studies, but I am  
> getting some errors related to conditional expressions and arrays.  I  
> am planning to work on it next week.

Good idea; I'm glad you re-ran those case studies.  Matt, Telmo, Jeff, and
I will need to do that as well.


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