[Checkers] Interned checker throws ClassCastException

Mahmood Ali mahmood at MIT.EDU
Sat Mar 1 00:46:27 EST 2008

Hi Mike,

I am sorry for not replying to your earlier emails. I am planning to  
do that soon. Today, we made a lot of changes in the framework some of  
which broke some assumptions (not fully specified) made by the  
checkers. We were able to successfully run the Interned checker  
against Daikon and Pastry twice. I am currently working on it.

I am investigating several crashing bugs in the framework now. I am  
not quite sure which one you are encountering, but I have uncovered  
the following problems:

1. Checks done with an implicit constructor for anonymous classes,  
lead to NullPointerException
2. getAnnotatedType of a member select of tree of a canonical class  
name ('checkers.basetype.BaseTypeVisitor') lead to infinite loops in  

- Mahmood

P.S. I should take responsibility of this errors.

On Mar 1, 2008, at 12:29 AM, Michael Ernst wrote:

>>  we have fixed this (as of r1824). It was due to some of the
>> changes we'd made since this morning.
> Thanks, I don't get this error any more.
> (I do still have the infinite loop problem, as of r1826.  "kill -3"  
> didn't
> get me a stack trace, but let me know if you need more details.)
>                     Thanks,
>                    -Mike

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