[Checkers] [JSR308] @Target(ElementType.TYPE_USE)

Michael Ernst mernst at csail.mit.edu
Tue Jun 24 13:48:28 EDT 2008


> My understanding of the printMessage (and I might be wrong) is that we  
> added a printMessage to a Massager which is packaged within rt.jar.   
> When using the binary release, javac finds Massager in rt.jar before  
> the modified tools.jar, and then we get method not found error.

OK, I probably misunderstood the message.

> If we modify ElementType then we would need to need to either mutate  
> rt.jar or complicate the installation procedures.

I see.  I agree that mutating rt.jar would be the right way to go, if we
did this.  We can defer it.


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