[Checkers] [JSR308] @Target(ElementType.TYPE_USE)

Mahmood Ali mahmood at MIT.EDU
Tue Jun 24 11:25:13 EDT 2008

>> However, given that ElementType
>> is in rt.jar, I suspect that we might have similar issues to
>> 'Massager.printMessage method not found' errors.
> For ElementType.TYPE_USE, we will only be adding a new element to  
> the class
> file (this backward compatibility was a Sun requirement!).  So maybe  
> we
> don't have to worry about the problem?

My understanding of the printMessage (and I might be wrong) is that we  
added a printMessage to a Massager which is packaged within rt.jar.   
When using the binary release, javac finds Massager in rt.jar before  
the modified tools.jar, and then we get method not found error.

If we modify ElementType then we would need to need to either mutate  
rt.jar or complicate the installation procedures.


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