[Checkers] Eclipse Plug-in

Mahmood Ali mahmood at MIT.EDU
Fri Jun 20 06:55:54 EDT 2008

Hi Adam again,

I just made my changes available in ~mali/public/jsr308-plugin.zip.

- Mahmood

On Jun 19, 2008, at 8:46 PM, Mahmood Ali wrote:

> Hi Adam,
> I just had a chance to go through your plug-in.  I finally got it to
> work, after having some hiccups.  Unfortunately, it took me an
> extended period of time to get to work.
> Here are my notes from the experience (some are related to the plug-in
> itself, and some are about using eclipse).
> My goal of this afternoon was to get the plug-in to work on my Mac
> using Java 5.
> ::Technical Eclipse issues::
> The plug-in was importing the checkers.jar and had references to it in
> Run*CheckerActions.  This required checkers.jar to be Java 5
> compatible.  After looking at the code, I realized that only the name
> was necessary; once I made that change, I was able to remove that
> dependancy, and have the plug-in work in my eclipse.
> ::Experience with working with the plug-in::
> 1. The plug-in tries to find checkers.jar through the classpath of the
> project.  I found that to be a bit annoying.
> - When a project imports checkers.jar, it needs to import javac.jar
> too; because of checkers.jar dependancy on javac.jar.  I don't
> particularly like that.  The proper solution for this one is to
> distribute a jar with the qualifiers only to be used by eclipse
> projects.
> - Also, when using eclipse, I prefer using the commented out
> annotations (e.g. /*@Interned*/) and using jsr308_imports flag.
> checkers.jar doesn't need to be in the path in that case.
> 2.
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