[Checkers] Eclipse plug-in for running pluggable type-checkers

Michael Ernst mernst at csail.mit.edu
Thu Jun 19 16:21:59 EDT 2008


Mahmood is removing all dependences on JDK 6 from the checkers (eliminating
use of the Dequeue class, commenting out a few @Override annotations).
This should let him run your plug-in, because Eclipse on the Mac runs under
a JDK 5, not a JDK 6, JVM.  Then he'll get back to you about the plug-in.

We plan a release tomorrow.  Since you said the plug-in works on JUnit, and
assuming you and Mahmood don't find other problems before tomorrow, I would
like to advertise it in that release.  When Mahmood has written the
documentation, could you take a quick look at it?  Then we can get the
plug-in being used more widely -- I know people are eager for it -- and
thus find out what the real needs of the users are.

I had promised to tell you a good place to check in the source code.
There is a SVN repository named "annotations" that you can check out with
this command:

  svn checkout svn+ssh://login.csail.mit.edu/afs/csail/group/pag/projects/annotations

A subdirectory of that would be an appropriate place.  Mahmood will be
adding a different Eclipse plug-in to the repository as well, so the two of
you should please coordinate to determine the most appropriate place for
them (e.g., each as a subdirectory of the same annotations/eclipse/



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