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Artemus Harper subanark at gmail.com
Tue Aug 19 15:22:06 EDT 2008

A couple of items:
AnnotationUtils.isSame assumes that two annotation are the same if their
toString values are the same. The implementation of AnnotationBuilder's
annotation returns a different string format.

AnnotatedTypeMirror.addAnnotation does not state the behavior if the
annotation to be added already exists, but with different element values.
The current implementation does remove the existing annotation, it is
necessary to manually remove a previous one before adding a new one. For me
the best implementation would be to ask the typeFactory to combine the
annotations, whereas the default implementation would throw an exception if
the values did not match (or possibly a more sophicated implementation that
would attempt to combine array values if possible).

and on the same note

AnnotatedTypeMirror removeAnnotation removes annotations based on the
annotation's type, ignoring any values. The spec is not clear on this.


Maybe multiple annotations of the same type on an element is still on the

Artemus Harper
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