[Checkers] Fwd: daikon compile failure

Matt Papi mpapi at csail.mit.edu
Wed Apr 23 14:26:45 EDT 2008

>  but the definition of Interned contains all sorts of other annotations that
>  want to bring in the entire Checkers Framework.

Everything else should be in checkers.metaquals.

>  What is the recommended way to obtain backward compatibility for
>  compilation by non-JSR-308 compilers?

Until the commented-imports feature is done, copying over both
checkers.quals and checkers.metaquals should work.

However, I don't know about the RELEASE_7 error -- InternedChecker has
had that since it was written, so I can't think of why you'd be
getting that error now if you haven't been getting that all along.

- Matt

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