[JSR308] Release 0.9.1 of JSR 308 specification, javac, Checker Framework, and checkers

Mahmood Ali mahmood at MIT.EDU
Tue May 19 17:13:39 EDT 2009

We have released version 0.9.1 of the JSR 308 specification and
implementation and of the Checker Framework.  You can always review
the latest version of the specification at: http://groups.csail.mit.edu/pag/jsr308/specification/java-annotation-design.html
; and download the latest version of these tools at:http://groups.csail.mit.edu/pag/jsr308/

The JSR 308 implementation is a backward-compatible extension to
javac. The Checker Framework makes it easy to write a tool that finds
or prevents errors; the tool is expressed as a type-checker for a
pluggable type system.  The Checker Framework distribution includes
sample checkers.

This release includes many bug fixes, mainly related to par
This release includes many API changes to both the comp
This release includes many improvements that reduce false positives:
support for Collection.toArray(), support for custom nullness
assertions, and improved flow.  This release also includes bug fixes
for the compiler classfile output.

The changlogs of the specification and the implementations appear below.

- Mahmood

---- Changelog for Specification ----
Changes to normative section:
   - Add new enum constant ElementType.TYPE_PARAMETER, to represent  
declarations of type variables.
   - Allow annotations on wildcard bounds.
Changes to non-normative section:
   - Add more examples: performance annotions, local/remote...
   - Improve explanation of meta-anotating with  

---- Changelog for JSR 308 implementation ----
Version 0.9.1, 19 May 2009

   javac suppresses redundant cast warnings for annotated casts
   javap pretty-prints type annotations

Compiler API
   Changes to Tree API:
     modified AnnotatedTypeTree.getAnnotations() to return  
     added MethodTree.getReceiverAnnotations()
     removed MethodTree.getReceiver()
   Added abstract class for type processor requiring type information
     named AbstractTypeProcessor

Bug fixes
   Handled annotations in new array dimensions

Base build
   Updated to OpenJDK langtools build b59

---- Changelog for Checker Framework ----
Version 0.9.1, 19 May 2009

Bug fixes
   Eliminated unexpected compiler errors when using checkers
   Fixed bug related to reading annotations in skeleton files

API Changes
   Renamed SourceChecker.process() to .typeProcess()

   Updated troubleshooting info
     info for annotations in skeleton files

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