[JSR308] IllegalStateException

Niko Matsakis niko at alum.mit.edu
Fri Jun 19 17:59:31 EDT 2009


I just started trying to port some of my work to use jsr308 v0.9.2.   
However, I find that I immediately get an IllegalStateException thrown  
from Context.checkState().  At this point I am basically using an  
empty BaseTypeVisitor but I get the same error with a SourceVisitor.   
Near as i can tell, the problem results because the  
AttributionTaskListener tries to get the compiler Log from the  
JavacProcessingEnvironment, but the context pointer stored in there is  
stale and has already been cleared (via clear()).  Clearing sets the  
hashtable to null which causes the illegal state exception.

Any ideas as to what's going wrong?


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