[JSR308] Blogs about JavaOne presentation on pluggable type-checking

Michael Ernst mernst at cs.washington.edu
Fri Jun 12 14:36:18 EDT 2009

Here are two blog postings regarding my presentation at JavaOne.  The
presentation was about detecting and preventing bugs with pluggable
type-checking.  The pluggable type-checkers can utilize the type
annotations syntax, but they also work in earlier versions of Java.


This blog mentions the positive audience reaction:


I'm told the tweets that went out during and after the presentation were
also positive.  Here is someone else who made the same observation:

Multiple people told me that they came to the talk skeptical, but left as
converts once they had seen the checkers in action.  I suspect that their
initial skepticism was caused in part by the negative blogosphere reaction
to JSR 308 after JavaOne 2008.  At that time, blog comments were dominated
by people who didn't understand (or didn't try to understand) the Type
Annotations syntax and its uses.

Here is a pre-JavaOne blog entry about pluggable types:


In other news, Groovy 1.7 may allow annotations in more locations,
similarly to JSR 308:



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