[JSR308] Runtime[In]visibleTypeAnnotations vs RuntimeVisibleExtendedAnnotations (class file)

Yuri Gaevsky Yuri.Gaevsky at Sun.COM
Fri Jan 23 12:37:33 EST 2009


Many thanks for prompt replay. Another minor observation: the JSR-308
compiler emits RuntimeVisibleExtendedAnnotations attribute into class
file even if type annotation has SOURCE retention policy.


Michael Ernst wrote:
>> The current (November 14, 2008) draft of JSR 308 at:
>>    http://groups.csail.mit.edu/pag/jsr308/specification/java-annotation-design.html
>> specifies two new attributes: RuntimeVisibleTypeAnnotations and
>> RuntimeInvisibleTypeAnnotations. However, it seems that the current
>> implementation puts in class file different attribute -
>> RuntimeVisibleExtendedAnnotations - which is not defined by the spec.
>> Could you please clarify/comment this?
> You are correct.  The implementation lags the specification on this
> detail.  The implementation will be corrected to reflect the new name.
> Sorry for the confusion.
>                     -Mike

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