[JSR308] Modifying the annotations in the source

Adrian Kuhn akuhn at iam.unibe.ch
Fri Jan 23 09:35:20 EST 2009

Hi Niko,

On 23.01.2009, at 02:52, Mahmood Ali wrote:

> It's possible to manipulate the compiler structures by casting them to
> the javac internal structure and manipulating the annotations fields
> (e.g. Tree to JCTree and Element to Symbol). The approach is a bit of
> gotcha points though:
> 1. A tree clean up routine is invoked after annotation processing
> phase.  As far as I can tell/remember it only removes the Symbol
> information from the tree, so it would be recalculated later.  If you
> simply manipulate the Element information, those changes might be lost
> before reaching code generation stage.  Also, you would need to use
> the AnnotationMirror compiler implementation (Attribute.Compound)
> rather than you own.
> 2. You might be better off, manipulating the tree itself, by using
> TreeMaker.  This page (http://www.ahristov.com/tutorial/java-compiler/new-operator.html
> ) explains some of the TreeMaker API points.  However, the code
> samples aren't applicable to your case directly.

I have a simple example that uses AST casting and TreeMaker to replace  
assert statements with real exceptions in the generated code, maybe  
this is of help for you.



Adrian Kuhn
Software Composition Group
University of Bern, Switzerland

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