[JSR308] ElementUtils.enclosingClass()

Niko Matsakis niko at alum.mit.edu
Mon Feb 2 02:27:07 EST 2009

Question: when ElementUtils.enclosingClass() is invoked with a class  
element E, is it intended that it always returns E?  I would expect  
that it would return some TypeElement E' where the definition of E is  
nested inside of E', or null if E is a top-level class.  Either way is  
fine with me, but I don't want to code to the existing implementation  
if it's not the intended semantics.

In order to implement my version of enclosingClass(), i.e., one that  
always returns an enclosing class and never the element it was passed,  
I believe one simply needs to change one line as shown here:

     public static TypeElement enclosingClass(final Element elem) {
         // XXX Change this line from: "Element result = elem;" to:
         Element result = elem.getEnclosingElement();
         while (result != null && !result.getKind().isClass()
                 && !result.getKind().isInterface()) {
             @Nullable Element encl = result.getEnclosingElement();
             result = encl;
         return (TypeElement) result;

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