[JSR308] An implementation of Subtyping for Annotations

Christian Haack chaack at cs.ru.nl
Mon Aug 31 17:10:58 EDT 2009

Hello Michael,

Michael Ernst wrote:
> Thanks for doing this.  The only way to get new features in (like this one
> that the list has been discussing for many years) is for someone to take
> the lead with an implementation.
> Can you make a patch to either the JSR 308 compiler or to the OpenJDK
> compiler (the patch would be the same either way), rather than to the JSR
> 302 compiler?  That would be more useful to people on this mailing list.

This is just to inform the list that we have updated our patch to the 
release of the JSR 308 compiler from 21/8. So the patch is now 
compatible with the JSR 308 compiler. The updated patch is still 
available from here:

Server:   http://www.aicas.de/customers/JCP_JSR308
Name:     JCP_JSR308
Password: 308

We are considering to slightly extend the patch to allow multiple 
supertypes for annotation types (while forbidding that different 
annotation types with a common subtype declare the same "method"). If 
there are people on the list who would find multiple supertypes 
desirable or have use cases, please let us know.


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