[JSR308] Checkers in the future on different JDKs

Adam Warski adam at warski.org
Mon Sep 29 10:43:54 EDT 2008


>> You are correct:  A checker written using the Checker Framework  
>> currently
>> only works as a plug-in to Sun's javac.  The checker does not work  
>> with
>> other Java compilers that don't implement Sun's proprietary Tree API.
> I should have also mentioned that if you are using a different  
> compiler,
> you can still run javac for performing pluggable type checking.  For
> instance, the Checker Framework Manual gives an Ant target that you  
> can
> invoke from within Eclipse or other IDEs, or from the command line.
Yes, I noticed that.
I suppose a "typical setup" for using jsr308 would be to have the  
jsr308-javac parallel with another java installation, and only use the  
modified one for code-quality checks. The annotations would be written  
in the comment form, to keep the code compatible with java5. Many  
companies haven't still migrated from java4, not to mention java 6 or  
7 :)


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