[JSR308] Checkers in the future on different JDKs

Adam Warski adam at warski.org
Sun Sep 28 09:21:34 EDT 2008


I've been looking a bit through the checkers framework code, and I  
noticed that it uses extensively the com.sun.source.tree.* classes  
(for manipulating the AST of a program).

As far as I know, the com.sun.* classes are Sun-JDK specific, and  
aren't part of the public API.
So if in the future JSR308 becomes part of Java7, the checkers  
framework will only be guarenteed to work on Sun JDKs. Am I right?
(This API may also change in a backwards-incompatible way, so the  
checkers framework could also stop working on newer releases?)

Adam Warski

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